Sunset Cruising in Cabo

Did you know that there are 17 shades of red in a sunset?  I haven’t actually counted them but the sunsets in Cabo are breathtaking.  The layers of color are amazing from yellow to orange to pink to red to purple with such deep, supple shades.  A big draw in Cabo is the sunset cruise.  During the cooler months of the year these also double as whale watching tours as well.  Here are the top options for Sunset Cruises in Cabo.

  1.  Eco-Cat–Catamaran.  Adults preferred.  Can be drinks only or upgrade to include dinner.  You meet at their restaurant for check-in and for drinks before and walk to the catamaran.  3 hours sailing on a open deck catamaran with top 40 music.
  2. Tropicat–Catamaran.  Adults preferred.  Drinks and snacks.  Meet at the dock 30 minutes before sailing time.  3 hours to enjoy the sites on a open deck catamaran with Jazz music.
  3. Rissalena–Catamaran.  Small, family owned boat.  20 passengers. Fantastic food and drinks.  Book reservations early because it does book up.  Isn’t the typical party boat.
  4. Sunrider–Double decker catamaran.  Stay inside for a more relaxed ride, the party happens on the top deck.  Drinks are past throughout the entire ride with dinner being served on the back deck about an hour into the trip.
  5. Cabo Rey–Triple deck catamaran.  Depending on the level of service you are looking for this is a different experience.  The Premium package includes a lobster dinner with a traditional Mexican/Argentian show.  If you’d rather you can do the Mexican Sunset dinner with fajitas and a live international band.
  6. Cabo Escape–the Party catamaran.  Bottomless drinks with fajita dinner.  Typically a younger crowd.  Usually a rambunctious group.
  7. Buccaneer Queen–Pirate ship including a pirate show where the ship is being boarded by evil pirates with onboard duels, audience participation games, prizes, dancing, music, conga lines, and of course the all-important never-ending open bar.

Enjoy our beaches and end your day with a breathtaking sunset dinner cruise, the choices don’t end here.  You can of course charter a private yacht, catamaran or sailboat for your party with drinks, dinner etc.


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